Kevin Pietersen-Maverik

Kevin Pietersen is now playing club cricket in Melbourne in a bid to prepare for the Big Bash League. Instead he should have turned out for Eng in SL.

KP is now persona non granta for the ECB after the Ashes wipe out. ECB dropped after he was the second highest run scorer in the  series. I am sure non performance was not the reason for KP being dropped. The  MD of ECB said that KP was the most disinterested person on the filed at Perth. He did not want a bored person in the side. Now with Eng 4-0 and playing like  a club side no one in the world would be interested. I bet even  the ECB would not have been interested. They had to get a fall guy and KP it was. ECB let the most docile captain off the hook. Cook is good batsman but piss poor skipper. But it was a get KP mission.

KP is a tough guy. He choose to walk out of SA to go to Eng when he was 19. He started off at Notts, got into a fight with the skipper and moved to Hampshire. I first heard of him in 2004, when he was touring Indian with the Eng Lion. He made 144 in Bangalore and there was photo of him playing the flick. I thought WOW, what a pose. The next year he made his debut with Eng in Ashes. His best effort was 158 in the final test. He smashed every thing that thrown at him. Brett Lee bowling at 90mph & KP kept pulling him in front of square at more than 90mph. So he managed to score 16 centuries in next 44 test matches. Then came the captaincy bit in 2008 he lost to India in both tests and ODI’s. So off he went to the ECB and told them to get rid of the coach. So the ECB got rid off them both.

So KP regressed to being a 19 yr old rebel again. After this there was only turbulence. The WI tour was a bad one for him. He was called a dumbslog millionaire. Even after this he remained a match winner. The  KPGenius changed every thing. He texted South African’s calling Strauss an idiot. This after he came off a stunning 144 at Headingley.  To make matters worse Strauss quit after the series and KP came out looking very bad. This no doubt caused a split in the team .So the next 50 test matches bought only 9 hundred plus scores.

ECB has not put out any convincing reasons for KP’s omission.Its a stupid decision as they sacked their only match winner.Eng are now stuck with Bell,Moeen Ali and others who are decent but cant win games. Joe Root is the only exception.

“KP The Autobiography” is a score settling book. He blasts every one from Broad to Anderson to Strauss and mainly Prior whom calls the big cheese. Now KP is playing second grade cricket.World has moved on.

The man who played the switch hit and flamingo shot will surely be missed.


The lamentable Mr.Raghuram Rajan

A closet jihadi as the Governor of RBI? Its an unimaginable thought. Raghuram Rajan set out to do the most unpardonable thing of approving “Sharia Compliant Fund”.Which means Islamic banking in a Hindu majority country. The State Bank of India put out adverts for this fund.

Islamic banking outlaws interest. So lending & deposits are to be interest free. The RBI Act, 1934 clearly prohibits such interest free transactions. How come Mr. Rajan did not know this? Did he choose to look away?. The Kerala High Court put a stay on Islamic banking as  then Governor of RBI Dr Subba Rao filed an affidavit stating that the RBI would not approve of such banking. Was this lost on Mr.Rajan? Why di  that  Governing Board of RBI did not take notice of this stay?

Assuming this fund were to be launched, who would administer such a fund? Mullah’s? What would be the selection criteria for mullah’s? Most of them haven’t been to school or are half literates. This is a frightening thought. Soon they would have opened a line of credit to the ISIS.

After a massive uproar, the SBI rolled back the idea. The press release mentioned that some changes as being made to better the idea.This in other words means the fund is dead.

This terrible thought of Islamic banking was started by an idiot called “Wajahat Habibullah”, a former chairman of Minorities Commission.  His evil designs were thwarted by the some Prof.Vaidyanathan(IIMB) & Dr Swamy, who moved Court of get a stay.Its a shame that Indian economic policy making has always been in the hands of economists who have lived most of their lives abroad. Take the case of Rajan he is a longtime resident of the USA.So was Kaushik Basu (Ex EoA, who quit before the shit hit the ceiling). The current economic advisor Arvind Subramanian is also in the same category.Bu the big daddy of them all is Amartya Sen.

One common  thread that binds all these men is liberalism of the west and the concept of secularism. This thought is contradictory to the idea of Bharat. It naturally leads to an anti Hindu agenda.

Jihadi fund is dangerous to the security of the nation. The time has come to  get rid of jihadi sleeper cells. Now is the time to write the epitaph of Mr Rajan. But is Mr. Jaitley listening?