Gone with the Broom

14.02.2015 will be a day that shall live in infamy. On this very day AK 49 shall be sworn in as CM of Delhi for the second time. AK 2.0 has the biggest mandate ever in the history of Delhi with no opposition left. AAP has destroyed everyone and is on the throne.

AAP has an extreme left ideology and is filled with Maoist terrorist’s like Binayak Sen and jihadis who sought mercy for Ajmal Kasab. AAP is a creation of Antonia Maino and friends at the former NAC. The NAC had shitheads like Harsh Mander & Aruna Roy who were Naxal lovers. Maino & Ahmed Patel took their chances and created AAP to split anti cong votes. Has AK 49 ever criticized Antonia Maino or Ahmed Patel? They  should call themselves Ahmed Patel Party. Now AAP has the backing of the media in the country. Mainstream media in India is a being which has sold its soul to the congress party with major media outlets openly backing the AAP.

AAP is a party full of self serving morons who cannot govern. They are not as clean as they look as well. AAP received Rs 2crores as donations from 4 companies who shares the same directors and who in turn were the owners of a company called SKN Associates. This company was served a notice for VAT evasion when AK was the CM, but the proceedings were dropped without explanation and SKN responded by giving a donation to AAP.This AK went to Saudi Arabia to raise money and promised them that he will not allow RSS shakas in Delhi.All for a fistful from a bunch of camel humping desert nomads. His commie friend Prashant Bhushan wants to India to give up Kashmir.  AAP termed the Batla house encounter as fake. They play to appease a so called minority. This is a dangerous to the integrity of India. Delhi is heading the Bengal way in becoming a jihadi lab.

They have come into power by promising free power and water. AK 49 took out all the power and water meters installed in certain districts of Delhi. Now Delhi does not have any power station. The Govt is bound by agreement to purchase power from Reliance & Tata. They will not supply power for free and if the end consumer does not pay who will. Surely the Govt cant as it has not money. AAP will now have the impossible task of actually providing freebies. Its all good to promise things in a campaign but another matter to deliver. There is free water & internet as well !!!. AAP did not include free sewage connection which the congress did. The people of Delhi have fallen for this and shall pay a heavy price.

Why did the BJP fail? The exit polls as on 26.1.15 predicted a victory for BJP and all that changed in 10 days. There was a lot of infighting in the party and the workers weren’t enthused. The decision to bring in Kiran Bedi can be argued both ways.The biggest mistake was including AAP deserters like Shazia, Vinod Binny etc, people saw them as turncoats who did not deserve another chance. When things were not moving on the ground the BJP rolled in the heavy guns with the entire Union Cabinet coming to field. This is an important lesson for the party that it should not ignore grass root workers. The MCD is run by the BJP and is considered as corrupt and people of Delhi are fed up of the MCD. So this vote is a revolt against the MCD as well.

And whose brilliant idea  was it to delay the election by 8 months? Why did the MLA choose to remain in power without a Govt. ? The Delhi Unit needs of the BJP needs to be dissolved right now.

The strategy chief of this election was the lamentable Arun Jai Italy. It worries me as to why the party still holds him in high stead. His work as FM till date has been zero. Jai Italy and the AG went very very wrong on the black  money issue and were slapped by the SC. Now its the media which is now doing most of the information extraction. Jai Italy chooses to take the same line of the UPA of treaty obligations. He is a manipulator of the media and after he took charge as the I&B minister the attacks on NaMo have increased. He is a part of the Lutyens Delhi which is a closed circle which targets NaMo. Jai Italy is best buddies with mega mastermind P.Chidu.With AJ P.Chidu is still in with a chance to avoid prosecution. Jai Italy has not moved an inch on the NDTV case,Robber Vadra or on black money. He chose to accept an impossible deficit reduction target set by PC. So far in his tenure he has not done anything worthwhile but to get rid of the Finance Secretary.India needs an FM who can think out of the box and AJ does not fit. He is a liability to the party.He could not win his seat in Amritsar and still cannot move a leaf outside Rajya Sabha.

The BJP has not plucked several low hanging fruits like the National Herald Case, the Aircel Maxis scam, CWG Scam,Robert Vadra scams. Shashi Tharoor is another example, his questioning was delayed by a year.The party has no idea on black money retrieval as well. There needs to be course correction soon. The party got the mandate in 2014 on its promise to check corruption & hindutva. Its time we see results.


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