Dark Days for Indian Test Cricket

He bowls to the left

He bowls to the right

That Mitchell Johnson

His bowling is shite!

No, thats not the Indian team is singing.That was the barmy Army in 2011. No one is singing that any more in 2014.They are hoping that he never bowls at all. He has destroyed India at Brisbane with 30 mins of very fast bowling. India has gone from having a winning chance to losing face. This shall be 15th loss abroad for this team. We seem to lack the mental toughness to win now. After a great win at Lords we lost the next three refused to show some spine. A lot of these problems come from having a weak bowling attack. Winning a test needs the bowlers to take 20 wickets. There is no way around this rule. After Zaheer,Harbajan & Kumble India have not found a single match winning bowler. Ashwin showed some promise but he is ineffective abroad. Now we have Ishant Sharma who averages 37 after 56 test matches. Thats a piss poor record. Next is Shami who is 10 test old and not very consistent. The less said the better about Varon & Umesh Yadav.They are club level bowlers who should never play test cricket. The only reasonable bowler is Bhuvi who is handy with the bat as well.

We had the best batting line up from the year 2000 till 2010. We had the big guns who scored thousands.We have some fantastic batsman in Kohli,Pujara,Rahane  & and improving Murali Vijay. The weak link in this line are Nohit Sharma and Dhoni. Both are flat track bullies.

The worst is the captain who seems clueless. Dhoni looks out of place in the tests.His captaincy is laughable,most inactive. He seems to hang back and wait for things to happen. This is in complete contrast to Sourav and Kumble who made things happen. Dhoni’s batting is not upto the mark as well. He struggles with his home made technique. This affects his skippering as well.

Dark days ahead for Indian cricket.


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